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  • Concrete is resistant to fire, wind, vibration and sound transmission.  Concrete doesn’t burn, thereby providing comprehensive fire protection for the property and environment.
  • With concrete flooring you are eliminating a number of pollutants that are associated with respiratory illnesses, including dust, mould and mildew……resulting in better air quality.
  • Concrete is extremely durable and resilient, therefore can withstand pressure from heavy equipment such a trucks, cars and forklifts, etc. Residential properties don’t have to worry about high heels, pet claws or furniture legs scratching the surface. While it is possible to chip or scratch the concrete surface, you would have to work extremely hard to succeed in doing so.
  • Concrete polished floors are very easy to clean and maintain.
  • Polished concrete combines function and practicality with a contemporary appearance.   Aesthetically and architecturally polished concrete is pleasing on the eye.